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A heart within a heart (poem)

Dmites forest 447

Love shared

A heart within a heart

A heart within a heart, true love sharing in peace their inner space,
Sweetness wrapped in memories, pure softness wrapped in lace.
The inner heart sings quietly, the outer heart echoes the tune,
Joined in perfect harmony beneath the sun, the sky and the moon.
Their hearts move gracefully, caressing each other in gentle care,
It matters not where they are, for the two hearts are aware:

That love is a breathe within a moment, the whisper in the night,
That love is forever present, even when they are out of sight.
That love restores happiness, even though sadness seems to win,
That love brings hope eternal, even when those darker days begin.
That love lives deep within, a precious emotion that will remain,
Until the hearts are reunited, and love’s song resounds again.

© Jenny Maryl

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