Imagination basics

Intuition is just imagination that starts

with something already known

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The imagination is one of the most powerful tools a person can have, every scientific discovery starts with an idea found only within the imagination – it may be based on established facts, but you still need that ‘intuitive leap’ to take it from the imagination to the start of the new idea.

This area looks at the imagination basics. How to put it to use and methods for helping you to use your imagination and to share it with others.
Once you have the idea worked out then Chaos Management will guide you in structuring and managing your ideas, showing you how to bring it all together and managing any changes

Imaginative Thinking – Tools

There are some basic approaches to using your imagination that can be used regardless of the type of target your imagination is being used for (pure or practical)

Thinking with Pen and Paper can still be a good idea for imaginative thinking, especially when the there is a lot to work with. It includes tips on how to go about working this way 

Managing your ideas and plans is essential for complex ideas, This examines ways of keeping your ideas in a managed way so you can keep track of them and cross reference them without them getting out of hand. Databases are discussed here
There is also a Managing your Ideas example that gives an example of designing one for tracking a fantasy world design

Managing yourself  is essential if you are to complete the task, This explains a method of planning and organising your tasks in the most time efficient way possible – all by asking 3 simple questions

Sharing ideas with others If you want to do a design as part of a group then it is essential to ensure that the information used by everyone is up-to-date and accessible. This looks at how you can bring a lot of information (or data) under common control using databases, designing one for your specific situation.
There is also a Sharing Ideas example that gives an example of designing one for files, based upon a task I once had to perform.

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