Time alone with God

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These poems reflect upon our relationship with God. May you find something within these poems to help you when you need comfort, guide you when you are lost and when you feel you have little more to give. The poems on this page in the order given are:

Time alone with God
Gods love surrounds us always
A forever loving God

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Time alone with God

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Time alone with God, tranquillity within the day
A stillness within the heart, disturbance now far away
A peaceful interlude, just for you and God alone
A calmness now descends, all anger now has flown
To a place beyond this time, now safely out of reach
So we have time to listen, and God has time to teach

Time alone with God, the touching of his hand
Walking along beside him across the golden sand
Leaving stress behind you, throwing tension out to sea
Watching fears fly away, as your soul he now sets free
This may just be a moment, a time of rest within the day
But even when this has passed, God’s love for you will stay

 ©Jenny Maryl

Gods love surrounds us always

W path 01 N to Ch
Gods love surrounds us always, a loving presence from our birth
A loving faith for us to carry, a loving friend upon the earth
A loving guide to help us, when seeking for the light
A loving strength to protect us, when day turns into night

God lives within us always, a gentle whisper from the start
A gentle spirit within our soul, a gentle softness upon our heart
A gentle moment he will give us, when a moment with him we share
A gentle love that lasts forever, a gentle presence always there

 ©Jenny Maryl

A forever loving God

Iona Bishops house
A forever loving God, within our hearts lives deep
A forever caring God, A shepherd for his sheep
A forever knowing God, who with kindness will teach
A forever present God, who is never out of reach

Whatever you are doing, whether at work, rest or play
God is aware of where you are, and is never far away
God watches over you, morning, noon and night
No matter how dark it gets, you are always in his sight

Give some time to God today, in thoughts, actions and deeds
And reflect upon his love for us, helping our spiritual needs
Guiding us to a better life, God lights the path to follow
Sharing faith in his love, he leads us towards tomorrow

 ©Jenny Maryl

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