Time alone with God

These poems reflect upon our relationship with God. May you find something within these poems to help you when you need comfort, guide you when you are lost and when you feel you have little more to give. The poems on this page in the order given are:

Time alone with God
Gods love surrounds us always
Finding God
God believes in you
Within the darkness of the night

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Time alone with God

A private moment shared with God

Mill side trees 06
Time alone with God, tranquility within the day,
A stillness within the heart, disturbance now far away.
A peaceful interlude, just for you and God alone,
A calmness now descends, all anger now has flown.
To a place beyond this time, now safely out of reach,
So we have time to listen, and God has time to teach.

Time alone with God, the touching of his hand,
Walking along beside him across the golden sand.
Leaving stress behind you, throwing tension out to sea,
Watching fears fly away, as your soul he now sets free.
This may just be a moment, a time of rest within the day,
But even when this has passed, God’s love for you will stay.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Gods love surrounds us always

God is always there

Gods love surrounds us always, a loving presence from our birth,
A loving faith for us to carry, a loving friend upon the earth.
A loving guide to help us, when seeking for the light,
A loving strength to protect us, when day turns into night.

God lives within us always, a gentle whisper from the start,
A gentle spirit within our soul, a gentle softness upon our heart.
A gentle moment he will give us, when a moment with him we share,
A gentle love that lasts forever, a gentle presence always there.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Finding God

God is within you

Finding God is a journey that may take up every day,
You will not find God in a shop ready to take away.
Nor will you find God between the covers of a book,
For it contains only words, guiding you where to look.

You won’t find him in anger, nor in joy will he remain,
For once those feelings are over, you must move on again.
You must seek him elsewhere, within a place that he will stay,
For God is not just a moment, he does not fade away.

God is a strength that can be found within the heart,
So seeking for God within you is the best place to start.
Seek for God in kindness, understanding and in giving,
And when you’re feeling angry, you will find him in forgiving.

God will give you courage when you feel the need to hide,
And will be there when you need him, walking by your side.
For God never leaves you, his love is strong and true,
So remember when you are lost, that God lives within you.

 ©Jenny Maryl

God believes in you

God is there for you

Soft footsteps walking with you as you journey through each day,
Soft arm around your shoulder, to help guide you on your way.
A feeling that you’re not alone when no one else is near,
A sudden sense of calmness that takes away the fear.
A presence ever surrounding, a support to get you through,
You may not be aware of God, but God’s aware of you.

An inner strength appearing when your life is going wrong,
Encouragement found deep within, to help you carry on.
A moment of clarity shows you where to begin,
A light of understanding that tells you, you can win!
A spark of hope arriving, when all is lost from view,
You may not believe in God, but God believes in you.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Within the darkness of the night

When life seems dark, God is there

Within the darkness of the night,
With some distance to the dawn.
When all your fears are in flight,
And all you can feel is forlorn.

Where is hope when you need it?
Where is a light to shine the way?
How can you find a way through it?
So that you may reach a better day.

Know that when the world is black,
There is a spirit lying deep within.
That will find a way to guide you back,
When you are not sure how to begin.

For God lies within the heart of you,
In a place that you may not be aware.
And when you know not what to do,
Trust that God is at work in there.

Do not give up, is what God will say,
For one day this will come to an end.
You may feel that you have lost your way,
But you are not walking alone, my friend.

 ©Jenny Maryl

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