Love and Joy

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These poems of love and the joy of happiness within us and within this world.
The poems on this page in the order given are:

A Heart within a Heart
If Love lasts but for a Moment
A friendship of laughter
A Children’s Kiss
Laughter in the Wind
An anti-negativity day 
Moods of Love 
Letting Love In
The Joy of Living 

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A Heart within a Heart

Love entwined within

Flwr - Lady in red
A heart within a heart, true love sharing in peace their inner space,
Sweetness wrapped in memories, pure softness wrapped in lace.
The inner heart sings quietly, the outer heart echoes the tune,
Joined in perfect harmony beneath the sun, the sky and the moon.
Their hearts move gracefully, caressing each other in gentle care,
It matters not where they are, for the two hearts are aware:

That love is a breathe within a moment, the whisper in the night,
That love is forever present, even when they are out of sight.
That love restores happiness, even though sadness seems to win,
That love brings hope eternal, even when those darker days begin.
That love lives deep within, a precious emotion that will remain,
Until the hearts are reunited, and love’s song resounds again.

 ©Jenny Maryl

If Love lasts but for a Moment

Love is timeless

Flwr F - 40
If love lasts but for a moment before gently fading away,
Then eternity is just a second within an endless day.
The soul is reflected within us, timeless, immortal and true,
And loves purity lies within the soul, strong and faithful to you.

The spirit of life dances with the soul, twirling within the night,
Never ending or weakening, and never fading from our sight.
The outer world may pass into shadows, our life losing its way,
But the inner love surrounds our soul, and is always there to stay.

 ©Jenny Maryl

A Friendship of laughter

The meaning of friendship

A friendship of laughter with smiles packed in between,
Skies of blue full of sunshine and fields full of green.
A brightness of chatting, words sparkling as dew
Creating the memories that will stay with you.
A clearness of understanding, a friend so dear,
That when things get confusing, they always stay near.
A wonder of togetherness, of times you share,
When you are far apart, you know that they still care.
A freshness of joy, just as it was at the start,
Friendship has no limits, for they live in your heart.

 ©Jenny Maryl

A Children’s Kiss

The joy of children

tree blossum small
A children’s kiss, a quick peck on the cheek,
Before they run off to play hide and seek.
A moment that shared, an awareness of you,
Before their minds hunt out for the new.
A brief touch of love, just a single heartbeat,
Before all you hear is the sound of their feet.

A children’s kiss, a kiss given to last,
To remain in your memory of their young past.
A moment of joy, when watching them play,
To keep in your heart and to not fade away.
A brief second in time, so tender and mild,
To remember forever the love of your child.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Laughter in the Wind

The sound of children playing

W area 04 seat W to V

Laughter in the wind, rushing round the trees,
The sound of children playing, carried by the breeze.
A game of hide and seek, or running in a race,
The remains of an ice-cream smothering the face.

Playing out in springtime, the evenings getting light,
And in the heat of summer, having a water fight.
On an autumn morning picking berries off a hedge,
Across a winters snowy field, playing on a sledge.

A quiet moment for drawing or reading a book,
Or helping in a kitchen, learning how to cook.
Exploring the garden, a secret camp behind the shed,
Ignoring the salad and eating the crisps instead.

The memories of childhood are carried forever more,
A happy time for learning is what it is meant for.
Kept safely away from danger, protected as they grow,
Security within the home is what every child should know.

 ©Jenny Maryl

An Anti-negativity Day

Let’s have a day full of good bits

An anti-negativity day, that’s what this day is going to be!
A day for releasing everything that has ever worried me.
A day for throwing out all of that inner sadness and sorry,
For I know full well that they will return, quite happily, tomorrow.
A day for doing pleasant things with only pleasant thoughts in mind,
To take a look around and see what enjoyable things I can find.
Perhaps I will just sit and rest, or at least that’s how this day will start,
Then maybe find an activity that will bring enjoyment to my heart.

Let’s just read the good news and ignore any bad bits there may be,
And leave it to the rest of the world to do the worrying for me.
A day of anti-negativity, taken just once in a while,
Will give my tired soul a rest, and a chance to do things with a smile.
For what does it matter if today is one of sunshine or rain?
I intend to search the good bits for some happiness to regain.
Let tomorrow come along well after the setting of the sun,
But from now until then, I’ll let this day be one of peace and fun.

© Jenny Maryl

Moods of Love

Love means so many things

The newness of love born at a baby’s birth,
The calmness of love within a storm of mirth,
The sadness of love, by memories enthralled,
The movement of love when compassion’s recalled.

The giving of love to those who are in need,
The strength of love is as small as a seed,
The sharing of love brings us all together,
The weight of love is as light as a feather.

The moods of love are endless and free,
Entwined within the heart of humanity,
Boundless, faithful and forever true,
Loves eternal soul forever within you.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Letting Love in

Love can turn your world upside-down

Upside down and inside out does my thinking feel like today,
Everything is drifting about, confused and floating away.
Yesterday appeared to make sense, tomorrow’s path seemed to be clear,
But love has broken down the fence, letting the sunshine flood into here.

Once only shadows filled my mind, I was standing frozen on the ground,
But now there is a new life to find, with new horizons to be found.
My feet are no longer beneath me, my world has turned me on my head,
And yet more clearly do I now see a better life is out there instead.

Let upside down become upright, let inside out become the norm,
Let tomorrow’s sun come into sight, let my life accept this new form.
Perhaps this is all I need today, just to let love back into my heart,
Now my life can see a better way, so along this new path I shall start.

© Jenny Maryl

The Joy of Living

Sharing a joyful life

The joy of living and giving,
Brings a happiness to us all.
To be loving and forgiving,
Helps to heal a wound if we fall.

The joy of caring and sharing,
Brings harmony into our life.
With your own life, be sparing,
And to others, help ease their strife.

The joy of being and seeing,
Lets us know our humanity.
If our inner peace we are freeing,
It will help to bring serenity.

The joy of knowing and showing,
That a better person we are.
Helps the world to keep on growing,
And lets our kindness travel far.

© Jenny Maryl

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