Wildlife and Pets (cats)

Poems of the animals and pets we share our life with.
The poems on this page in the order given are:

Spinning World of life (all animals)
Nature’s midsummer music (birds)
Coby is sleeping (cat)
My dinner is late! (cat)
Singing before the Dawn (birds)
Ode to Tramp (a stray cat)

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Spinning World of Life

Such a variety of life on our world

A spinning world in shades of blue and green,
Upon the polar caps, white ice can be seen.
A beautiful world when seen from outer space,
A world that is home to all of the human race.

Many other creatures call this world home,
And across many continents they do roam.
In the oceans, the fish swim everywhere,
While birds, bees and butterflies take to the air.

Across the ice, penguins walk to their home,
Across the deserts, the camels do roam.
Within the jungles, many creatures live,
Such a richness to us, does this world give.

The only world where, so far, life is found,
It’s just empty in space when we look around.
There is nowhere else all this life can go,
So let’s keep safe this precious world that we know.

© Jenny Maryl

Nature’s midsummer music

The birds of summer are singing

The Robin calls as sunrise begins,
Announcing that it is getting light.
Silence fades as every bird sings,
Their dawn chorus chases the night.

The Red Kite flies smoothly above,
Crying out as it watches below.
In the garden lands a Collard Dove,
Cooing as it walks to and fro.

The Swallows can be heard up high,
In the warmth of the afternoon.
Swiftly they zoom across the sky,
Singing out loud their high-pitch tune.

Sparrows are chattering in the tree,
Before they descend onto the ground.
Hopping all around the lawn to see,
What seeds and insects can be found.

The Nightingale calls as sunset nears,
The birds start to settle for the night.
But the Barn Owl hoots as it appears,
Opening its wings and taking flight.

© Jenny Maryl

Coby is sleeping

A cat is in charge, even when asleep.

Coby is sleeping,
So we must go creeping,
Quietly around the house for now.
For if he awakes,
Such a noise he makes,
That all you will hear is his meow!

A cat he may be,
But for our harmony,
I let him sleep for as long as he wants to.
I know that I give in,
And I let him win,
I will admit he is in charge of what I do.

He can be at my feet,
Until I take a seat,
Then upon my lap he will stake his claim.
He will want to be fed,
Then curl up on the bed,
But without him life would not be the same.

He knows how to care,
He is always there,
And his loving nature brightens my days.
He will start to purr,
As I stroke his fur,
So I forgive him his arrogant ways.

 ©Jenny Maryl

My dinner is late!

You’re in trouble with the cat

What do you mean by coming home so late!
You know I should have been fed by now.
I saw you creeping through the garden gate,
Hoping that I would not see you somehow.

But I watched you creeping round behind,
I heard you quietly open the backdoor.
So just here I will sit for you to find,
Beside my bowl, on this cold hard floor.

Can’t you see that I’m getting thinner,
All caused by this one hour delay.
If you could please now serve my dinner,
As I am starting to fade away.

My food is in the cupboard just there,
Let me eat before I fade from view.
Afterwards I will come to your chair,
Climb up and share a lap with you.

I will settle whilst you stroke my fur,
Maybe even brush me with my comb.
I’m a forgiving cat, so I shall purr,
Even though you were so late home.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Singing before the Dawn

The blackbird is awake before the sun

Singing before the dawn the blackbird greets the day
Although dark to my eyes, the sun is on its way
Or so he calls out from the tree, loud and clear
Wake up, Wake up, dawns early light is near

Each day in the winter it is his joy to sing
Each morning a little sooner does his song begin
Telling me that though it was winters long night
They are getting shorter, and spring is in sight

 ©Jenny Maryl

Ode to Tramp

Based on a real cat I once knew

Tramp was the name given to a black and white stray cat that use to roam around the back garden. This poem is dedicated to him

A traveller on the road of life, no place do you call home
You scavenge for what food you find, forever do you roam

We met one winter long ago upon a dark and snowy night
You sat upon the garden fence, hunger taking away your fright

To us you would not come but food you did surely need
We place a bowl outside for you so you would come and feed

You appeared more often after that but you would never stay
Food and water we put out, whenever you came our way

As time pass you would let us near, an occasional stroke you’ll accept
But as for a home you would not take, your independence you kept

In our garden you would sometimes sleep amongst the summer grass
A sheltered haven in your wild life where no harm would come to pass

But then old age begun to show on you and you came then every day
Until one evening when we discovered that you had passed away

We brought your body back here, back to the garden that you knew
May your soul now find a happier life with lots of love for you

 ©Jenny Maryl

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