Inner Reflections

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These poems reflect the inner emotions and reflections within us . May you find something within these poems to help you when you need comfort, guide you when you are lost and when you feel you have little more to give. The poems on this page in the order given are:

Evening Reflection
Go Gently
One earth, One life
The Stones of Forgiveness
The Opening of your Eyes
Living in the Moment
Tomorrow’s Gate
A Quietness within Stillness

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Evening Reflection

A chance to look back over the day

Evening reflection (sunset, Isle of Iona, Scotland)

In the stillness of the moment, in the calming of the day,
The sun now on the horizon and the night now on its way.
A moment of reflection, a chance to look upon the view,
A chance to see what has left this day, and what it is that’s new.

Some memories we welcomed, a happy moment we have seen,
While others will be sad to know, reflecting on what has been.
Some changes we controlled ourselves, in others played no part,
Some will mark the end of things, where others mark the start.

Some memories will be new to us and some will be no more,
Some thoughts will touch us lightly, while others touch the core.
All of them will have changed us, and in each a different way,
The person who we are now, was not this person yesterday.

In this stillness of the moment, in this changing of the light,
A chance to see what went wrong, a chance to see what is right.
A chance to see what has changed and to see what we have sown,
A chance to hope that with today some wisdom may have grown.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Go Gently

Gentleness goes a long way in life

GM Journey tomorrow

Go gently upon the path that you tread,
Let every step be at a steady pace.
Try not to rush too fast to get ahead,
For life was never meant to be a race.

Be gentle with yourself if you go astray,
Do not be too hard if you leave the track.
For many of us sometimes lose our way,
Do not be afraid to turn and walk back.

Give gentleness to others lost in pain,
Show kindness to let them know that you care.
Support them until they are well again,
And remind them that, for them, you are there.

Be gentle with the world in which we live,
Watch out for the others who come your way.
Remember that we all have love to give,
Do not be afraid to share some today.

 ©Jenny Maryl

One earth, One life

We live our lives on one world that we all share

Iona Bishops house

One earth, one life, a world shared by us all,
One people joined under the living sun.
One chance for us to hear harmony’s call,
Echoed softly from when the world begun.

One life is ours, a journey that we share,
From our creation until our time ends.
During that time, it is for us to care,
For us to love, to laugh and to make friends.

Too short for anger, too precious to hate,
Our lives should be as a gift to mankind.
As for forgiveness, it is not too late,
To seek for peace and to open our mind.

To share all our ways, to hold out our hand,
To not let hate win, nor hide behind fear.
One people, one life, one earth and one land,
Let us reach out and let others draw near.

 ©Jenny Maryl

The Stones of Forgiveness

Let forgiveness remove the pain within you

Stones of forgiveness

The stones of forgiveness lay deep within the pool of pain,
Each stone a fragment of hope can make you whole again.
Reach deep into the pool and find your forgiveness within,
Then release it from the pool so the healing can begin.

As you hold a stone in your hand, forgiveness laying there,
Open up your fingers and release the pain into the air.
With the freeing of each stone, the pool’s becoming clearer,
The pain now departing as forgiveness now draws nearer.

Let the stones be released to wherever there is the need,
One by one from the pool, until every stone is freed.
The pool’s becoming calmer, its clarity still and true,
The peace of complete forgiveness now laying within you.

 ©Jenny Maryl

The Opening of your Eyes

The future begins when you open your eyes

sun rise boat 2

In quietness and stillness does your spirit lie,
In darkness and thoughtfulness does your mind drift by.
Nothing yet within, nothing yet without,
A silent dawn arising, just shadows lay about.

A new world awakens, unknown to you this day,
A new beginning beckons, a chance to find a way.
Into a new tomorrow, to walk under different skies,
And all of this coming from the opening of your eyes.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Living in the Moment

Reflection within yourself in this moment

No future or yesterday, no tomorrow or behind,
No sign to show us the way, nor is there a path to find,
Just a stillness deep within, a calmness all around,
You cannot try and begin in a place where nothings found.
You cannot choose a direction in a place where nothing flows,
And where your inner reflection is the only thing that grows.

And yet you are not alone, for your inner spirit is here,
You may travel on your own, but your inner self is near.
All sitting there within you, for all are living in today,
With no past or future in view, just let time drift on its way.
Let the future come tomorrow, let yesterday be in the past,
Release the empty sorrow, so this moments fullness can last.

© Jenny Maryl

Tomorrow’s Gate

Step into tomorrow when you are lost in today

I thought that I knew where I was going,
I thought that I knew what I had to be,
But there is no easy way of knowing,
Just what the future has in store for me.

There are so many paths that I can take,
From this place where I am standing still.
There is no easy decision I can make,
Amid uncertainty, are any of them real?

But I cannot just stand here forever,
Nor can I just simply sit down and wait.
So I will pull all of my courage together,
And aim for the one called ‘tomorrow’s gate.’

The other paths looked so clear and easy,
But they were empty, there was nothing more.
At least what this one is saying to me:
‘Beyond tomorrow there is something to explore’

I know not what I am going to find there,
But it will be better than this empty today.
Leading me out from this darkness of despair,
The light of new hope will show me the way.

I shall now open the gate into tomorrow,
Using all of my courage found within.
Leaving behind the emptiness and sorrow,
From this moment, a new life will begin.

© Jenny Maryl

A Quietness within Stillness

A quiet moment of recovery found within stillness

A quietness within stillness,
Can bring a freshness to our day.
The silence bringing a calmness,
That will let our stress float away.

A moment free from any hustle,
Allows our tension to be set free.
And without all of that bustle,
Just ourselves we can simply be.

A time for our tired spirit to rest,
A chance to hear its inner song.
In quietness we are at our best,
And in stillness we are strong.

© Jenny Maryl

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