Christian poetry

Sun rise, Iona

Sun rise, Iona

These poems look at the spiritual relationships that Christians have with Jesus, many of them relate to his journeys and stories within the bible.
The bible passage that the poem is based upon is given when applicable. The poems on this page in the order given are:

The Carpenters son
Through the Eyes of a Child
Behold the Light of the World
Forgive so that you may be Forgiven
If I but touch his cloak…
A Wanderer in the Wilderness
Step By Step

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The Carpenters Son

(Matthew 13:55)

P - Trin - Carpenters Son
To his Father he listened and learned of his tasks,
Of the work he must do and to do what He asks.
To assist and give help to all those who may call,
His work given freely and to be shared with all.
Whether broken or damaged, whether many or one,
We will all be mended by the carpenter’s son.

He will teach what he knows to any who will hear,
Of his father’s great wisdom to those who draw near.
Of forgiveness and kindness in stories he told,
Giving guidance and support to the young and the old.
Whether sunrise or noon, or at the setting sun,
We will all be taught by the carpenter’s son.

He will go where he’s needed, his work never ends,
Working with strangers and turning them into friends.
His gifts he shares freely with all those who are true,
His compassion is endless, for me and for you.
For now and forever, his work is never done,
All given with love from the carpenter’s son.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Through the eyes of a child

(Matthew 18:5)

“Whoever welcomes one such child, welcomes me.”
Words spoken by Jesus with a child on his knee.
A blessing for children from hearing his voice,
A gift given with love, the saviour’s choice.
Through the eyes of a child, shines Jesus’ light,
Through the eyes of a child, heaven is in sight.

God gives to his children the hope of tomorrow,
A smile to bring joy and to lessen our sorrow.
Innocence and laughter reaching out in pure love,
Touching the soul and bringing peace from above.
Through the eyes of a child, God shows us the way,
Through the eyes of a child, God loves us today.

 ©Jenny Maryl


Behold the light of the world

Nativity 004

Behold the light of the world, behold the new born child,
Born as a Saviour for us all, one so meek and mild.
Born long ago in Bethlehem in a stable he did lay,
In a manger for his bed, with the donkey eating hay.

The wise men knew of his coming, with a star to give them light,
The shepherd’s learning of his birth from an angel in the night.
They all came to worship him, this child of humble birth,
The son of God sent to man to walk upon the earth.

He came so he could teach us the wisdom of God above,
To learn to walk in His way, and with us to share God’s love.
To heal us in our troubles, to guide us to heaven’s door,
And whose stories and journeys, we would all come to adore.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Forgive so that you may be forgiven

(Luke 6:37)

Forgive so that you may be forgiven, let Jesus heal from within,
Let go of the pain of betrayal and let his healing within you begin.
Believe so that you may be believed, let the truth of Jesus be known,
Let others know of his stories and the seeds from them that were sown.

Share faith so that others may know him, let Jesus show them the way,
Let them see the road to be followed and the path to be taken that day.
Give love so that others may love him, let Jesus into the heart,
Let him hold you within his loving embrace and to never again be apart.

For we are all on a life long journey with Jesus who wants us to teach,
That he is there for us all forever and his love never out of our reach.
That those who are lost he will find, guiding them over the sand,
That we are never alone for a moment, for he is always holding our hand.

 ©Jenny Maryl

If I but touch his cloak…

(Mark 05:25)

Butterfly 2 small
If I but touch his cloak,
Reach out to him with my hands.
If I but touch his cloak,
Move closer to where he stands.
His healing faith I believe,
That my wounded soul will mend.
His healing touch I will receive,
And my pains come to an end.

For Christ came here to free us,
To release our pain and fear.
For Christ came here to guide us,
At our sides, forever near.
His love is just a touch away,
For the saying of a prayer.
His love is in our hearts today,
For his love is forever there.

 ©Jenny Maryl

A wanderer in the wilderness

(Matthew 4:1, Luke 4:1)

GM Journey tomorrow
A wanderer in the wilderness did Jesus walk alone,
A journey of enlightenment, of facing the unknown.
Surrounded by temptation, He refused to hear its call,
To depart from His path, the path of righteousness for all.

We may wander in a wilderness, with little hope in sight,
But we do not face our trails alone, for Jesus brings the light.
His footsteps come beside us when we walk alone in despair,
So gently and quietly that you may not feel that he is there.

He asks that you rest awhile, to give some time to him today,
To share a thought, to say a prayer and let him guide your way,
To trust in Him to lead you, to let Him hold you by the hand,
Then from the wilderness, he will guide you to the promise land.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Step By Step

(John 19:17)

Step by step, upon life’s long dusty road,
Slowly but surely does he carry his load.
A cross on His shoulders, a burden of love,
For the forgiveness of our sins from above.
For the healing of those who suffer in pain,
To remove our fear, so that peace may now reign.

Step by step, He carries the weight for us all,
Support for our souls should we stumble and fall.
Faithfully He guides us into God’s sight,
A sacred journey from darkness to light.
A sacrifice given to set us all free,
For the love of our Lord, forever with thee.

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