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Dmites forest 447My poetry reflects upon the world around us, our lives, our spirituality and our emotions. Topics include poems about hope, love, kindness, children, cats, nature, inner reflections, remembrance, & Christianity.
More than 700 poems have been written, over 80 are found on this site with a sample of 8 of my poems shown below.

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Some poems have been grouped into themes on their own pages: 
Hope and Inspiration – Encouragement and hope in those moments of searching
Inner reflection – Inner reflection of emotions and forgiveness.
Love and Joy  – The love in our hearts and the joy of living and of children
The Natural World – Nature and its seasons, and of rivers and raindrops.
Wildlife and Pets – The blackbird greeting the dawn, the cat sleeping on the bed.
Remembrance and Grief – Poems of remembrance, and the grief that we feel.
Time alone with God – Reflections with God, regardless of what you believe.
Christian Poetry – The Gospels and their stories.

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Evening Reflection

In the stillness of the moment, in the calming of the day,
The sun now on the horizon and the night now on its way.
A moment of reflection, a chance to look upon the view,
A chance to see what has left this day, and what it is that’s new.

Some memories we welcomed, a happy moment we have seen,
While others will be sad to know, reflecting on what has been.
Some changes we controlled ourselves, in others played no part,
Some will mark the end of things, where others mark the start.

Some memories will be new to us and some will be no more,
Some thoughts will touch us lightly, while others touch the core.
All of them will have changed us, and in each a different way,
The person who we are now, was not this person yesterday.

In this stillness of the moment, in this changing of the light,
A chance to see what went wrong, a chance to see what is right.
A chance to see what has changed and to see what we have sown,
A chance to hope that with today some wisdom may have grown.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Moods of Love

The newness of love born at a baby’s birth,
The calmness of love within a storm of mirth,
The sadness of love, by memories enthralled,
The movement of love when compassion’s recalled.

The giving of love to those who are in need,
The strength of love is as small as a seed,
The sharing of love brings us all together,
The weight of love is as light as a feather.

The moods of love are endless and free,
Entwined within the heart of humanity,
Boundless, faithful and forever true,
Loves eternal soul forever within you.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Secret dens and Pirate ships (Children playing)

In the bushes beside the park fence there’s a ‘secret den’,
– Although if you know where to look, it’s easy to see.
Currently it’s a place of adventure for some children,
Playing as secret agents, under its canopy.
On the park bench their parents listen as they play,
They are searching for ‘the baddies’, laughing as they do.
Then silence descends as they find a ‘new secret way’,
To crawl along, bringing them back into their parents view.

Alongside the park there’s a stream where the ducks float,
Waiting eagerly for bread that the children might throw.
Two children arrive at its side carrying their toy boat,
Setting it down upon the stream, it sails off in full flow.
To them it is a Pirate ship sailing the seven seas,
Ready to find buried treasure upon some distant shore.
‘Land ahoy’ they cry as it stops in the bend by the trees,
Picking it up, they go back and set it sailing once more.

© Jenny Maryl

The Cat in the Night

Moving silently through the deep dark night,
A suit of pure black with four boots of white,
A white tuxedo to finish her off to perfection,
A beautiful sight in the moonlights reflection.

Quietly she strolls through the garden deep,
Whilst the world around her is fast asleep,
Then through the door that is only for her,
She enters the house without causing a stir.

Upon the bed she settles down with a yawn,
To sleep in contentment until the new dawn,
Until her staff awake and see that she’s there,
To give her a stroke and show that they care.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Rain On the Window

Rain on the window, a soft gentle sound,
Finding a space on the glass.
And out in the garden, rain reaches the ground,
Touching the tips of the grass.

The drop on the window goes seeking a friend,
Finding others out on the trail.
Then forming a group, they slowly descend,
Leaving behind them a watery tail.

The grass moves slightly as the rain softly lands,
And slides to the ground below.
Soaking into the earth, it touches the strands,
Of roots, so that grasses may grow.

Rain on the path come together to form,
A puddle like a miniature lake.
Large drops of rain now arrive with a storm,
Fast flowing streams they make.

The clouds past over and the rain moves away,
The sun reclaiming the skies.
A land now refreshed, the dirt washed away,
And the rain on the window dries.

 ©Jenny Maryl

A Friendship of laughter

A friendship of laughter with smiles packed in between,
Skies of blue full of sunshine and fields full of green.
A brightness of chatting, words sparkling as dew,
Creating the memories that will stay with you.
A clearness of understanding, a friend so dear,
That when things get confusing, they always stay near.
A wonder of togetherness, of times you share,
When you are far apart, you know that they still care.
A freshness of joy, just as it was at the start,
Friendship has no limits, for they live in your heart.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Though you may now be at rest (poem of remembrance)

Though you may now be at rest and asleep,
Within my heart I still silently weep.
To mourn for a friend, a friendship so dear,
That, thought you are gone, I can still feel you near.

You brought laughter and sunshine filled with love,
Gifts I still feel, though God has taken you above.
You lived life to the full and brought joy to the heart,
Golden memories from which my soul will not part.

Always a smile for your friends could be found,
The world became brighter when you were around.
You made life richer for those whom you cared,
I will cherish forever those moments we shared.

 ©Jenny Maryl

Time alone with God

Time alone with God, tranquillity within the day,
A stillness within the heart, disturbance now far away.
A peaceful interlude, just for you and God alone,
A calmness now descends, all anger now has flown.
To a place beyond this time, now safely out of reach,
So we have time to listen, and God has time to teach.

Time alone with God, the touching of his hand,
Walking along beside him across the golden sand.
Leaving stress behind you, throwing tension out to sea,
Watching fears fly away, as your soul he now sets free.
This may just be a moment, a time of rest within the day,
But even when this has passed, God’s love for you will stay.

 ©Jenny Maryl

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