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My poetry looks at our inner emotions, how we share our lives with others, the natural world around us and faith.  Topics include:

Emotions: Love & kindness, Inner reflection, Hope/positive thinking,
The human world: Friends, Children, Remembrance, grief, Christmas and New Year
The natural world: Seasons, Wildlife, Cats
Faith: God, Christianity

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Some poems have been grouped into themes on their own pages: 
Hope and Inspiration
Inner reflection
Love and Joy 
The Natural World 
Wildlife and Pets 
Remembrance and Grief
Time alone with God 
Christian Poetry 

* No poem to be used without permission. All poems copyright protected.*

Love and kindness

A Kiss from my heart
Accepting a Hug
Beginning with the Heart
First promises of love
Gift of a Smile
Go gently
Growing old together
Humanities plea 
I will meet you again in the spring
If love lasts but for a moment
Letting Love in
Love means more than just a kiss
Rainbows within tears
Stones of forgiveness
Sweet memories of love

Inner reflection

A New Journey
A Reflection of Beauty
An Empty Room in Life
Being Yourself
Don’t let the anger win
Evening reflection
Joy of Living
Living within a happy moment
Opening of your Eyes
Passing of Tomorrow
Quietly on my own
Time changes us all
Turmoil and Tranquility
Why me?

Hope / positive thinking

A moment of happiness
An anti-negativity day
Beyond the darkness, a new world comes
Candle of Hope
Hope reborn
Journeys End
Life’s Inner Rainbow
It has been a better day
Let the healing begin
Sail away from sadness
Seek for the dream beyond the sunrise
Time heals all wounds


A Friendship of laughter
Am I a stranger or a friend?
Friends within Strangers


Bedtime child
Laughter in the Wind
Secret dens and Pirate ships
Through the Eyes of a Child

The world and its seasons

A clear winter’s dawn
A November rose
Autumn arrival
Autumn ending
Daisies and Buttercups
Eddies in the Water
Mid-winter Dawn 
Mountain rainstorm 
Natures Summer wonders 
Rain on the window
Royal oak tree
Spinning world of life
Spirit of the Spring
Stretching of the light
Through the winter branches
Woodland in Spring


Horatio the hedgehog
Natures Midsummer music
Singing before the dawn 


A soft comfy drawer
Bobby is out on his beat
Cat burglar – the open window
Cat in the Night
Coby is awake
Coby is sleeping
Lewy, the library cat
Morning windowsill
My dinner is late!
Ode to Tramp (A stray cat)
Purrfect sleeping place
Sitting on the Fence

Remembrance and grief 

At the end of your day
Because they lived
God forgets not those who grieve
In memory of an uncle, or an aunt
Losing a loved one
Remember me
Though you may now be at rest
Yesterday I lost you

Christmas and New Year

A Christmas wish
Christmas, A time of Forgiveness
Christmas Day memories
Christmas Volunteer (Humorous)
New Years hopes and resolutions


Finding God
God believes in you
Gods love surrounds us always
Time alone with God
Yesterday I lost you


A Wanderer in the Wilderness
Behold the light of the world
Forgive so that you may be forgiven
If I but touch his cloak…
Step by step
The Carpenter’s Son
The Manger (Christmas Poem)

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