A Helping Hand (poem)

28 Mar

We could all do with a helping hand.

A Helping Hand

A helping hand can be given during times of great need,
A chance to help friends and strangers, by doing a good deed.
You may not know just what it is for them that you can do,
But they will know just what they need, to help to get them through.

A helping hand can fix and mend something that is broken,
Guided on what they need, from the words that they have spoken.
Maybe a shelf has slipped, or there’s a problem with their door!
Soon you give them a smile, which tells them all is well once more.

A helping hand can fetch and carry items for someone,
Moving things from room to room, or getting their shopping done.
Once the task’s completed and there is nothing more to do,
You can relax, have a drink and eat a biscuit (or two.)

A helping hand comes as a pair, twice as much you can give!
By their actions, your hands will help others to cope and live.
Stretch out your hand whenever you see something you can do,
Then in your times of need, others will do the same for you.

© Jenny Maryl

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